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F.G. Paci on Writing Short Stories

f.g. paciIn a recent article for the Sault Star, Brian Kelly states that “when author Frank Paci needs a break, he keeps writing”. Kelly describes Paci’s newest collection of short stories entitled Talk About God and Other Stories as “’an eclectic collection’ with characters including a celebrity chef, a billionaire who teaches inner peace and ‘losers in life’ who gather for a final film binge. Most of the eight stories told over 300 pages are set in the Toronto area”.

Kelly also refers to remarks that Paci made in a recent telephone interview with the Sault Star, in which he states the following about short story writing: “it’s an antidote to the serious stuff that I’m doing in my novels…I go to the short stories for a change of pace. I’m not restrained by the reality and all the constraints that come from that. In the short stories, I can burst the boundaries of common sense. It’s fun”.

Paci later explains, “people don’t usually like to read serious stuff as much as fun stuff. But the stories have a serious element to them as well. They use humour and whimsy in order to draw people into some serious themes”. Paci achieves this with such short stories as the title work, “Talk About God”, which tells the story about how “a teacher, who is an atheist, reappraises his life after having a near-death experience”.

F.G. Paci was born in Italy and grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. He was the Elia Chair writer-in-residence at York University and has an honorary degree from Laurentian University. He is the author of more than a dozen novels. A book of essays on his work was released by Guernica Editions in 2003.

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