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Preview of “The Voyageur”

VOYAGEUR-cover-00_SmallSequential: Canadian Comix News & Culture featured a preview of Jeffrey Sturge and Nick Marinkovich’s graphic novel The Voyageur in a recent article posted on their website.

The preview begins by explaining that Jeffrey Sturge first conceived of The Voyageur in 2009 as a “vehicle to chronicle the voyages of Samuel de Champlain”. Yet, as the characters began to evolve, the graphic novel became something a little different.

Sequential continues to state, “Jeff brought the idea to Nick, who came on board as an illustrator and collaborator. He chose to work in photo-based style rendered in ink and abstracted to achieve what they hope is a haunting look. Architecture, landscapes and wardrobe from the era have been researched, deriving inspiration from historical buildings and period drawings”.

The Voyageur focuses on compelling characters who drive a fast-paced story set in the 17th century that addresses themes of alienation, a young boy’s coming of age, and a fish out of water thrust into a strange new world. Marinkovich’s signature ink-rendered, photo-based artwork has been heavily stylized to achieve a haunting look. Every detail of this novel has been accurately recreated from over two years of meticulous research.

Jeff Sturge is a screenwriter with many years of experience. He has written numerous shows – mostly for history and crime-based stories – for broadcasters like National Geographic, Discovery Channel, A&E, and History.

Nick Marinkovich is a Canadian illustrator, graphic novelist and multi-media artist. He has worked for IDW, Devils Due and Marvel, as well as releasing his own titles under Image and Pop Sandbox. He is known for a signature ink-rendered, photo-based artwork that is heavily stylized.

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