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Toronto Guardian Reviews David Huebert’s “We Are No Longer the Smart Kids in Class”

we are no longer the smart kids in classIn a Toronto Guardian review of David Huebert’s We Are No Longer the Smart Kids in Class, Danny Gorny states, “Huebert’s excellent collection of poems is exciting, relatable, and bawdy”.

Here is an excerpt from Gorny’s review: “We are no longer the smart kids in class is a contemplative collection full of poems about sex, drunkenness, and contemporary life. Huebert’s work runs the gamut from ‘to a beer-swillin’ poet,’ a story about an awful night in a drunk tank, to ‘in case you were wondering,’ a story about falling in love with someone falling in love with literature, various poems about Toronto, and ‘life after Twitter,’ a keen observation of how social media and cloud-based e-mail fail completely to interact with death”.

Gorny’s review concludes by considering what he believes is “the most interesting piece in the collection”, Huebert’s poem “twenty-four abandoned attempts at the beginning of my first novel”. Gorny calls this poem “just downright fun”, and calls Huebert’s collection “accessible, literate poetry that engages the reader by allowing itself to settle into the world which inspired it”.

David Huebert is originally from Halifax, but has lived in Revelstoke, Fernie, Victoria, and Toronto. He is currently a PhD student at Western University. His poetry has appeared in journals Event, Vallum, The Antigonish Review, and The Literary Review of Canada, while his fiction has appeared in Grain, Existere, and The Dalhousie Review. His first poetry collection, We are no longer the smart kids in class, has been described by Ian Colford as a collection of “bawdy, wryly confessional, warts-and-all poems that celebrate language and love, family and nature, the cerebral and the sensual”. Colford calls Huebert “a pornographer of the heart…His voice is authentic and raw and is sure to give the Canadian poetry scene a much needed slap in the face”.

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