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Richard Lee’s Get Onboard Featured in Metro News Article

get onboardIn a recent article for the Metro News Toronto, Chris Bateman speaks about Richard Lee’s Get Onboard, a book which recounts the everyday reality and experiences faced by TTC workers. He explains Lee’s purpose for writing the book and the response that it’s been getting from the TTC community.

Bateman writes: “TTC Supervisor Richard Lee wants everyone in Toronto to know what life is really like for front-line transit employees.”

In Get Onboard, Lee explains many realities of the job that are unknown to or unconsidered by the public. Being physically and verbally assaulted, for one, is not unheard of for TTC operators: “In six years driving city buses, Lee says he has been verbally assaulted on numerous occasions and knows others who have been physically attacked… he hopes that by reading [his book], members of the public will gain a better appreciation of what can sometimes be a tough and thankless job.”

Bateman explains that Lee’s book, released this month by Guernica Editions, “has already created a stir among TTC workers.”

“The operators have been praising the book,” he said. “Many people have said there should have been a book out ages ago.”

TTC spokesman Chris Upfold asserts his support for Lee’s endeavour:

“I think it’s a good story and an impressive piece of work he’s put together. It tells an important story to Toronto, and we absolutely support him.”

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