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Thor Polson and Elana & Menachem Wolff Presenting at The Bathurst Clark Research Library

Polson Wolff eventOn Sunday, July 12th, 2015, Thor Polson and Elana & Menachem Wolff will be presenting their two-in-one flipside book Poems and Songs of Love by Georg Mordechai Langer; A Hunger Artist and Other Stories by Franz Kafka. The presentation will take place at The Bathurst Clark Research Library (900 Clark Avenue West, Vaughan) at 11 AM.

Franz Kafka’s writings are characterized by an extreme sensitivity manifested in absurdity and gallows humour. The two collections of short pieces, A Country Doctor (1919) and A Hunger Artist (1924), newly translated by Thor Polson, represent later works in the corpus. Poems and Songs of Love is a translation of the collection Piyyutim ve-Shirei Yedidot by Hebrew poet, Georg Mordechai Langer. Originally published in Prague in 1929, it contains an elegy to Langer’s friend Franz Kafka, and other openly homo- romantic poems. This collaborative translation by Elana and Menachem Wolff brings the fascinating work of Langer—poems as well as an essay on Kafka—to the English-reading public for the first time, and sheds light on a hitherto unexamined relationship.

There will be a talkback session. Refreshments included.


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