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“Seeing Clearly, Looking Deeply” Patricia Keeney Reviews Len Gasparini’s Mirror Image

mirror imageAuthor and professor Patricia Keeney recently reviewed Len Gasparini’s Mirror Image for Arc Poetry. In the review, titled “Seeing Clearly, Looking Deeply: Len Gasparini’s Mirror Image,” she describes the works in the collection, and elaborates on Gasparini’s fluidity as a writer and on his attentiveness to craft.

Mirror Image was published by Guernica Editions in 2014.

Keeney writes: “Guernica has produced a portrait of veteran writer Len Gasparini that is by turns droll, lyrical, wistful and artlessly attentive to craft”.

She explains that “atmosphere builds as you read [the] pieces” and that the poems “exemplify Gasparini’s fidelity to individual perception”.

Furthermore, she stresses Gasparini’s attentiveness to his subject matter, and his ability to shift between tones and styles to suit his purpose.

“Where monotone and obsessive one-dimensional lives seem to take over, Gasparini feels no need to embellish… These straight-talking but strikingly ironic texts give as much as we want to take and are as forthcoming as Gasparini feels they need to be.”

Keeney portrays Gasparini as a writer who is both knowledgeable and versatile. Moreover, she explains the effect that this has on his writing.

“Gasparini’s versatility is a reflection of the life he wants to portray, a life lived in many forms. There is something simultaneously tender and tough about all this writing, a sense that it knows more than it is saying.”


About Mirror Image:

In Mirror Image, Len Gasparini conflates lyrical poetry and prose into one voice, a voice that recalls the rock-and-roll Fifties, and then segues into a woman’s dramatic monologue, followed by two maverick poets philosophizing on women and sexuality, and concludes with a narrative tinged with nostalgia and tempered with irony.

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