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Jeffrey Round Reviews Keith Garebian’s Accidental Genius: The Pantheon of Modern American Poets

Jeffrey Round recently reviewed Guernica author Keith Garebian’s Accidental Genius: The Pantheon of Modern American Poets. The review appeared in his article “Queer Tales: 3 Works by Queer-lit Masters”, in which Round looked “at three books by three contemporary queer writers who have made a name for themselves – and helped define genre within genre.” Round is an award-winning writer and director himself, and his most recent novel is the literary-thriller Lake on the Mountain.

Round explains that Garebian’s “panoply of public pronouncements presented as Found Poetry…are as hilarious to contemplate as they are unnerving to read.” Round explains that he is someone “who tries to avoid politics in general and American politics in particular”, yet “some of these pieces are so astounding as to make me reconsider the phrase, ‘Know thine enemy.’” Garebian has managed to take the “baffling political pronouncements” of the American Right, “build a shrine to it and watch it self-immolate” and he does this “with due diligence…[that] would please any rigorous academic.” Yet, Garebian’s book is not simply an amusing diversion. Round explains that in Accidental Genius, “Garebian serves up ample evidence to support the claim that there is no such thing as a moral majority. A pity, then, that the creators of these truly frightening gems would never understand that.”

Keith Garebian is a widely published, award-winning freelance literary, theatre, and dance critic, biographer, and poet. He has won many awards for his writing, including the Scarborough Arts Council Poetry Award, the Canadian Authors Association Poetry Award, the Mississauga Arts Award (2000, 2008, and 2013), a Dan Sullivan Memorial Poetry Award, the Lakeshore Arts/Scarborough Arts Council Award for Poetry, and an Ontario Poetry Society Award for Haiku.

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