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Mike Cohen Announces Guernica Author Max Layton’s Return to His Hometown of Montreal

Mike Cohen recently wrote an article for The Suburban that announced multi-talented Guernica author Max Layton’s return to his hometown of Montreal. Cohen states that Max will be returning for the launch of his new book of poems, published by Guernica Editions, entitled In the Garden of I Am. The launch will be part of Blue Metropolis, and takes place at the Petit Salon of Hotel 10. Layton will be joined by Guernica authors Bernard Émond, Marianne Ackerman, Liana Langa, Michael Springate, and translators John Gilmore and Margita Gailitis.

Cohen refers to Layton’s colorful occupational history, who “has worked as everything from tobacco picker, logger, and apprentice auto mechanic, to vice president of a bank. Along the way, he was one of the founders of Toronto’s Book City bookstore and earned a Master’s degree in English Literature from the University of Toronto.” Cohen also refers to Layton’s albums, such as Heartbeat of Time, his 2012 release The Max, and his latest album, It’s a Mystery to Me. Cohen reports that Leonard Cohen calls It’s a Mystery to Me “a terrific record! Can’t praise it highly enough!” Cohen concludes by stating that he met Layton “when we named a new street in Côte St. Luc after his late dad and since then we have kept in touch.”

Max Layton was born in Montreal in 1946, and now lives in Cheltenham, Ontario. When Max went legally blind a decade ago, he began the series of linked poems that would become When The Rapture Comes. His eyesight was eventually restored by modern medicine, and Max bounced back with the release of two more albums of songs and another book of poems, In The Garden of I Am.

To read Cohen’s article, click the link below:

Mike Cohen, “Irving Layton’s eldest son set for poetic visit to Montreal”

To read more about In The Garden of I Am, visit the Guernica website at:

To read more about Max Layton, visit the Guernica website at:

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