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Marianne Ackerman’s Triplex Nervosa Running at the Centaur Theatre: April 21- May 17

Layout 1 (Page 1)The world premiere of Marianne Ackerman’s Triplex Nervosa, a comedy set in Montreal’s Mile End neighborhood, will take place on April 21st at Montreal’s Centaur Theatre. The play is part of the 2014-2015 season and will run until May 17th.

Triplex Nervosa follows the story of “a young woman who has maxed out her credit cards and put a promising music career on hold to buy a triplex in Montreal’s trendy Mile End, only to find that the charming but stubborn Hassidic previous owner and her motley crew of tenants won’t co-operate with her needs. When she and her handy-man conspire to make one particularly difficult tenant’s life less comfortable, things go terribly wrong.  A comedy about art, property and the trials and tribulations of nouveau-hipster neighbourhoods. And there’s music!”

Marianne Ackerman is also the author of the short story collection Holy Fools + 2 Stories, which was published by Guernica Editions in Fall 2014.

The collection is described by John Goddard as “fresh and original,” and by Terry Fallis as a book of “exquisite storytelling”.

Copies will be available for purchase for $20 at the Centaur Bar throughout the play’s run.

For more information about Triplex Nervosa, visit the Centaur Theatre website:

For more information about Holy Fools + 2 Stories visit the Guernica Editions website:

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