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Katie Bickell Puts Dolly Dennis’ Loddy-Dah on “Albertan Must Reads for Spring Break 2015”

Loddy DahWriter Katie Bickell recently wrote a list of “Albertan Must Reads for Spring Break 2015” which included Guernica author Dolly Dennis’ Loddy-Dah. Katie Bickell is a writer of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. She describes Loddy-Dah as a book “set in the Quebec of the 1960’s, this book is super groovy, fun, and a Canadian history lesson. The story’s rightfully been called ‘The Forrest Gump’ of Canlit.” She goes on to remind Albertans that “Dennis’s next book is centred around the Tornado that devastated Edmonton in ’87 – don’t miss it”.

Loddy-Dah follows Loddy and the troupe from The Garage Theatre as their lives unfold against the backdrop of political events in Montreal starting with Expo 67 and ending in 1970 with the October Crisis. With the city as background, Loddy-Dah explores issues of self-identity and self-acceptance, the magic of friendship and love, and the power of resilience in the face of adversity.

Dolly Dennis is an ex-Montrealer, and has been living in Edmonton since 1993. She is a published author whose work has appeared on stage, in literary journals, newspapers, corporate newsletters, anthologies, and the CBC. She has also been on the short-list for an Alberta literary award. Loddy-Dah is her first novel.

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