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Orville Lloyd Douglas’ Under My Skin Listed in NY Daily News’ “Black History Month’s Books Round-Up”

Under My SkinIn its recent “Black History Month Books Round-Up”, the NY Daily News reviews Orville Lloyd Douglas’ Under My Skin (Guernica Editions, 2014) as one of five “notable books by African-American authors you probably haven’t heard of.”

The review describes Douglas’ collection as “raw”, and explains that “there is little that is perfect or ideal in Douglas’ work.”

Furthermore, it stresses the significance of the pressing subject matter that Douglas is tackling in the collection:

“As a Canadian, Douglas is trying to “shatter misconceptions” that Americans have about Canada: “Canada is not some racial utopia”.”

Orville Lloyd Douglas is a writer and social activist. His writing examines image versus reality of tolerance and multiculturalism in Canada from the perspective of a young, gay, black man. His poetry has received critical acclaim from George Elliott Clarke, who described Douglas’ first collection, You Don’t Know Me, as “bold and brash” and Ginsbergesque in “the same pell-mell rush of ideas and images that drives Howl.” Douglas resides in Brampton, Ontario

To read the full review, visit the New York Daily Website:

Under My Skin is available for purchase on the Guernica Editions website:

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