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Guernica Authors David Joiner and Caroline Vu Speaking on This Year’s “Prose in the Park”

Guernica authors David Joiner and Caroline Vu have agreed to join the Prose in the Park panel: “Under the Papaya Tree – Vietnam Remembered”. Prose in the Park is an open-air literary festival and book fair that takes place in Ottawa on June 6th. “Under the Papaya Tree – Vietnam Remembered” is just one of the exciting panels that Prose in the Park will be offering, and will examine the resurgent interest of Vietnam in Canadian literature, especially forty years after the fall of Saigon and the exodus of the boatpeople. Joiner will be joined by Caroline Vu (author of Palawan Story, published by Deux Voiliers Publishing and That Summer in Provincetown, upcoming from Guernica Editions). Joiner, who has lived on and off in Vietnam for the last 21 years, and Vu, who left Vietnam in 1970, will be joined by two other panelists that are still being finalized.


David Joiner was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, but has since made his home in nearly 20 different cities across the US, Japan, and Vietnam. Lotusland is his first published novel.


Lotusland is about Nathan Monroe, a 28-year-old American living in Saigon who falls in love with a poor but talented Vietnamese painter. When he fails to protect their love from her desperate chase for a better life in America, his safety net appears in the form of Anthony, an old domineering friend in Hanoi who hires Nathan at his real estate firm. Only much later does Nathan discover that Anthony has intended all along for him to take over his job and family so that he, too, can escape and start his life over in America. Lotusland dramatizes the power imbalances between Westerners living abroad and between Westerners and Vietnamese — in love and friendship, in the consequences of war, and in the pursuit of dreams.


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