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Grace Cavalieri Reviews Future Guernica Poet, Gil Fagiani’s, Stone Walls 

Gil FagianiIn a recent review of Gil Fagiani’s Stone Walls, Grace Cavalieri praises the poet’s writing: “he writes effortlessly, naturally, making us follow the action to where it leads us.”

She comments on various aspects of Fagiani’s work, including his ability to shift and lighten the tone of the poems as he “takes near tragedy to near irony and often comedy”; and on his characters, which she describes as “unforgettable.”

Cavalieri touches on the seriousness of poetry, and especially, as it relates to the theme of “childhood and adolescence” which is central to the collection:

“These poems say what the poet knows we can know and so they teach us that growing up is a story of change — but more importantly that the seriousness of poetry encapsulates even ugliness with its sweet humility.”

In these “emotionally dangerous poems,” Cavalieri notes, “ “Fagiani is the adult watching over the child.”

Gill Fagiani’s poetry collection Logos will be published by Guernica Editions in Spring 2015.

Gil Fagiani’s poetry collections include: Rooks, Grandpa’s Wine – which has been translated into Italian by Paul D’Agostino – A Blanquito in El Barrio, Chianti in Connecticut, and Serfs of Psychiatry. A social worker by profession, Gil worked for 12 years at a Bronx psychiatric hospital and directed a residential program for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics in Downtown Brooklyn for 21 years.

To read the full review, visit the Washington Independent Review of Books website:

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