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A Focus on Franz Kafka: Elana Wolff’s “Metamorphoses” published by EVENT Magazine, “Two Short Talks by Anne Carson” upcoming on Brick Books

Franz KafkaElana Wolff has a continuing interest in the life and works of Franz Kafka. Along with husband, Menachem Wolff, she translated Georg Mordechai Langer’s Poems and Songs of Love for Guernica’s A Hunger Artist & Other Stories; Poems and Songs of Love (2014), and wrote the accompanying essay on Kafka which appears in the book. Franz Kafka and his writing often appear in Wolff’s own literary works— both in the form of allusions and as a direct subject in her literary essays.

Recently, EVENT poetry and prose magazine published three of Wolff’s poems. One of the poems, “Metamorphoses”, alludes to Franz Kafka and begins like this:

Some are born human, most have to humanize slowly.
I want to say I’m on my way > at this point: pelican;
in time, perhaps: writer. It seems every act of writing
is compensation for a shortfall of some sort; that to become
a writer one not only has to work hard at the part, but also
be a little less than human. Ideas like these weighed heavily
on Franz K. much of his truncated life. In fact, under their
anvil, he forged one of the few perfect works of poetic
imagination of the 20th century—according to Elias


Furthermore, Wolff’s essay “Kafka’s Death House” was recently published by The Writer’s Drawer. In the essay, Wolff traces her visit to Kafka’s Death House, and comments on the last moments of his life.

She explains her reason for the visit: “A Kafka devotee, I am slowly tracing the author’s wake.”

Her upcoming essay, “Two Short Talks by Anne Carson”, which focuses on Carson’s poems on Franz Kafka and his sister, Ottla, will be published by Brick Books in the coming weeks.

To purchase EVENT 43/3 in digital edition, visit EVENT’s website:
To read “Kafka’s Death House”, visit The Writer’s Drawer website:
To read about or purchase A Hunger Artist & Other Stories; Poems and Songs of Love, visit the Guernica Editions website:

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