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Abby Lippman Reviews Untying the Apron

Abby Lippman recently wrote a review in the 2015 Winter Edition of Herizons magazine on Untying the Apron. Untying the Apron is a collection of poetry and prose that unties the 1950s stereotype of mothers being wasp-waisted, dutiful, serene, and tied to the kitchen with apron strings. Instead, Glenn’s collection reveals women who were strong, wild, talented, wise, mad, creative, desperate, angry, courageous, bitter, tenacious, reckless and beautiful, sometimes all at once. The contributors include multi-award-winning poets, novelists, and essayists, as well as compelling new literary voices.

In her review, Abby Lippman states that “to read Lorri Neilsen Glenn’s collection in light of this essay is to be reminded of the complex meanings of even the simplest of garments as well as the lived experiences of women who are mothers.” Abby Lippman points out how diverse the contributions are, “while some of the daughters are straightforward in capturing their recollections of their mothers, others are more elegiac, impressionistic and interpretive, with the author as present as her mother. However they are depicted, differences in the ways some women lived as mothers in Canada about 60 years ago come through.”

Lorri Neilsen Glenn is the author of acclaimed books of poetry and nonfiction including Lost Gospels and Combustion, and Threading Light. Halifax Poet Laureate from 2005-2009, she has edited several collections of prose, poetry, and scholarly work.

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