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Stan Rogal Chats with Touch the Donkey

stan rogalIn a recent interview with Touch the Donkey, Stan Rogal provides a glimpse into his writing life as he comments on literary influences, writing style, and his yet-to-be published manuscript, Celebrity Rag, which focuses thematically on celebrity life: “the good, the bad and the ugly, especially around the issue of fame.”

Stan Rogal’s After Words was published by Guernica Editions in Fall 2014.

Rogal speaks about the way in which he assembles material for his collections:

“I prefer the term “collage” to describe much of my work. I tend toward a theme and use it as a sort of coat rack upon which to hang things in a fashion I find aesthetically pleasing: mentally, visually and aurally.”
Though Rogal explains that he never writes poems as stand alone pieces, but instead “always thinks about where to place [them] in a larger context”, he does pay attention to making sure that the pieces are compelling in themselves.

“I want the reader to be interested in the pieces themselves and get some joy from how they bounce off each other to produce something else.”

Furthermore, he explains why he chose to write the poems in Celebrity Rag in Renga form, which alternates between three line stanzas and couplets, and which maintains a link between the stanzas, both thematically and through construction.

“I chose Renga because it implies a single, never-ending poem—a suitable metaphor for the celebrity complex—and ties in nicely with Jack Spicer’s dictum that poets write a single, long poem in their lifetimes”

Regarding any upcoming poetry collection, Rogal says:

“I’m not working on any poems at the moment…and if I do, it’ll probably be a continuation of the after words pieces, knowing I still have a lot of people to thank.”

He is currently working on a novel.

Stan Rogal was born in Vancouver and has resided in Toronto for 25 years. His work has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies in Canada, the US and Europe, some in translation. He has published 19 books, including four novels, four story and 11 poetry collections. He is also a produced playwright and the artistic director of Bulletproof Theatre.

To read the full interview, visit Touch the Donkey

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