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Dolly Dennis on Loddy-Dah, writing, and the struggles and rewards of moving across country

loddy dahIn an interview with Edmonton Examiner’s Dale Boyd earlier this year, Dolly Dennis spoke about her career as a writer, her writing process, and how moving to Edmonton helped her succeed in writing her first novel, Loddy-Dah, which was published by Guernica Editions in 2014.
The novel follows the protagonist, Loddy, and the troupe from The Garage Theatre as their lives unfold against the backdrop of political events in Montreal, starting with EXPO 67 and ending in 1970 with the October Crisis.
Boyd explains that though Dolly Dennis “has written many published works for newspapers and literary journals in the past, and even penned a few theatre pieces” Loddy-Dah is her first published novel.
“It’s a surreal feeling”, she commented on the excitement of publishing her “labor of love”, which took her eight years to write, edit and get published.
Though the novel is set in 1960’s Montreal, and sets light on the many critical events of the decade, Dennis asserted that “she never could have achieved any of her success without the supportive community of Edmonton artists and authors.”
Moreover, when asked about her literary background, Dennis explained that she does not feel disadvantaged due to her lack of formal education in literature or creative writing.
“I don’t have any kind of degree for creative writing. I don’t have any degree. I dropped out, and I’m kind of glad I did as a writer because I don’t write like an academic.”
To purchase Loddy-Dah, visit Guernica Editions:

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