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Poetry of The Canadian Moderns Gwendolyn MacEwen Workshop with Sonia Di Placido

This March, Sonia Di Placido will be offering a workshop on the poetry of one of the Canadian Moderns, and, more specifically, on the poetry of Gwendolyn MacEwen.

In the workshop, participants will be reading from and looking at The Selected Gwendolyn MacEwen edited by Meghan Strimas, Exile Editions 2007. Introduction by Rosemary Sullivan & The Trojan Women, intro by Claudia Dey, Exile Editions, 2009.

The bulk of the time will be spent on The Selected with some review of  MacEwen’s biography The Shadow Maker by Rosemary Sullivan. For 2-3 weeks in a row there will be reading & discussion of GM’s translation of The Trojan Women.

The Shadow Maker, The Selected Gwendolyn MacEwen & The Trojan Women can be found on or through various online book outlets used; they can also be ordered directly from Exile Editions should you want a new copy.  The books required are: The Selected GM and The Trojan Women. The Shadow Maker is not a requirement for the Workshop.

The Workshop can also be done virtually (week to week), at a distance and/or join in via Google Groups (live) as well as in attendance.  A weekly course outline, discussion, readings, review and exercises will be sent out to all participants to follow and keep for their own ongoing practice.

Dates: March 7  May 30th  Saturday mornings (weekly) 

Time:  10:30 am – 1 pm 

Location: St. Michael’s And All Angels Church 611 St. Clair Ave. West (Located on the south east corner of Wychwood Ave. & St. Clair Ave. West) The in-person group workshop takes place in the upstairs recreation room.

The course fee is $180.00 for the entire 13 weeks.

This workshop aims to be a community endeavour that provides an insightful look at Gwendolyn MacEwen’s style, technique and voice as well as an adventure into one woman’s interpretive journey into imaginative and esoteric writings of the mid 20th century.

There’s much to learn from her work. She was a prolific truly creative female writer & poet & playwright carrying a ‘gravitas’ that is rare to her time/place of the Canadian moderns/post-modern. A magical realism often overlooked with the now language-conceptual. As we move into Critical Realism (see Oxford philosophical movement after post-m) her work informs the conceptual in it’s lyric and esoteric. She opened pathways to what we now find in Alice Notley and Ann Carson such as MacEwen’s re-adaptation of Trojan Women before Carson’s attempts at same. One just has to look carefully enough through her looking glass. MacEwen took immense risks in life and in words–she invented her own ‘ism’ and schisms.

For more direct information contact:

M: 647-467-0028

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