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The Ottawa Review of Books calls Holy Fools + 2 Stories “pitch-perfect” and “richly realized”

The Ottawa Review of Books recently picked up a copy of Marianne Ackerman’s Holy Fools + 2 Stories and were very glad that they did. Indeed, reviewer Delacourt delights in all three stories found in Marianne Ackerman’s latest book. He writes that “In both ‘Holy Fools’ and ‘Nobody Writes To The Colonel’ Ackerman maintains a steady, low current of satire humming through the stories. It never obtrudes to the point where character is sacrificed to a broader design, however.”

Holy Fools and 2 StoriesDelacourt mentions that the character of Pope/ Tolstoy in “Holy Fools,” who resembles a certain Canadian-born media baron, is given a “voice through the pitch-perfect dialogue of a writer in full command of her craft, [and] merits a closer reading.”

About Ackerman’s third story in the collection, Delacourt states that “The world Ackerman creates here, with her deft weaving of the threads of a story so rich in texture and characterization, suggests “Albert Fine” could have easily been written as a novella or novel and not suffered from any dissipation of the narrative focus.”

A long-time Montrealer, Marianne Ackerman was born in Belleville, Ontario. She has an MA in drama from the University of Toronto and studied French at the Sorbonne. Her three published novels include the best-seller Jump. A frequently produced playwright, her new comedy Triplex Nervosa will be part of the Centaur Theatre’s 2014-15 season. She is publisher of the online arts magazine Rover, found at The novella and stories in Holy Fools mark her first foray into short fiction.

To read the full review, you can visit the Ottawa Review of Books Website at:!Holy-Fools-2-Stories-by-Marianne-Ackerman/cu6k/A485C1F5-2AF4-4609-822C-CDD2559C4AB0

Holy Fools + 2 Stories will be available at the Third Fall Guernica Editions Book Launch this Sunday, December 7, 2014. For more details about the launch, you can visit the Guernica website at:

Holy Fools + 2 Stories is also available online at:

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