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Nancy-Gail Burns Talks about her Experience for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Nancy-Gail BurnsOctober is breast cancer awareness month. It is a time to fundraise, a time to raise awareness, and a time to talk about a disease that author Nancy-Gail Burns is all too familiar with. Recently, Burns sat down with the Ottawa Citizen to talk about her experience.

“I don’t think too many diseases have the impact cancer does. There are all these silly little thoughts that go through your head, and I wanted to share that ‘Hey, it’s OK if you go a little crazy.’”

What Nancy shared was her experience battling breast cancer, which she eventually turned into her memoir, Hard Lumps.

Nancy is no stranger to writing. Her first book, a psychological thriller, was published in 2013 and the second installment of the series is scheduled for publication by Whiskey Creek Press. She’s also currently toiling away at two other books, Broken Pieces and Chickens and Hens.

Originally, she had written about her breast cancer in journal entries, but then decided on publishing her memoir so that her story could help others battling breast cancer. The final result is a poignant yet humorous journey through one off the most devastating diseases around today.

“Blank pages draw emotions and thoughts from me. Black words on the white pages are concrete, organized and substantial. They are stronger and bolder than me. Hard Lumps was cathartic. Writing lanced fears and absorbed frustrations. When the last page was written I was ready to tuck it away in a drawer. Suddenly I saw empty chairs filling a waiting room, women rushing forth, and bad news descending in a cloud. I pulled the book from the drawer, but became tentative. Exposing preposterous thoughts and fears seemed unwise and rather terrifying. If this little book can touch one person and help them in their battle with cancer I don’t mind revealing my imperfections. For ultimately aren’t our flaws what make us human?”

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