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Northumberland Today: “Nixon’s poetry is very much a verb, on the move, action packed, energized”

The Fissures of Our ThroatsThe Northumberland Today read Edward Nixon’s first full poetry collection and was dazzled by his cutting language and attention to detail.

“Unsettling as the book’s name may be on first sight,” writes reviewer Wally Keeler, “it is comfortably sequestered in a piece inspired by a neighbourhood verandah gathering, where ‘As dusk tugged us / toward this stuff / we sassed and sauced about / chewing through a plug of notions… / as tea and bourbon were portioned out / … by the woman we loved … / our lexical trill lilting / from the fissures of our throats'”

Keeler goes on to say that “Nixon’s poetry is rich with sharp concise images, a measure of his precision work, surgically cutting out all but the lean, serene sinew of language.”

Edward Nixon is the author four poetry chapbooks: “Nights in the City of the Dead” (Aeolus House 2006); “Arguments for Breath” (lyricalmyrical 2007); “Free Translation” (Cactus Press 2009), and “Instructions for Pen and Ink” (Cactus Press 2010). The Fissures of Our Throats is his first full collection.

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