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2015 Sneak Peek: Nancy Anne Miller Talks with Bermuda Sun in Anticipation of her Upcoming Poetry Collection

Nancy Anne Miller, who will be launching her poetry collection Somersault with Guernica in 2015, sat down and spoke with Sarah Lagan of the Bermuda Sun.

“I am grateful to be published with Guernica Editions as they are a publishing house that take on international authors and love cross cultural writing” Miller said in the interview, “it is a publishing house that is backed by the Arts Council so you feel they understand you.”

Miller and Lagan talked about poetry, Bermuda, and colonialism.

“One of the reasons behind writing about Bermuda is that when I was in the States people asked me about where I live and I say Bermuda and they didn’t know anyone lived there.” she told the Bermuda Sun. “My poem Post Colonial Pie is about the African Bermudian… When I have written about slavery I have to be as honest as I can be. I feel a reluctance to write the African Bermudian story because I feel it is theirs to unfold and speak and there are plenty of wonderful books out.”

Miller, who had her first poem published in the Royal Gazette when she was nine years old, has a Master of Letters in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow. Her poems have appeared in numerous publications including the Edinburgh Review, Mslexia, and The Dalhousie Review. She currently leads poetry workshops at the Bermuda National Library and is the recipient of three Bermuda Arts Council Awards.

To read the full interview, you can visit the Bermuda Sun website at:

For a sneak preview of Nancy Anne Milller’s work, you can read her poem “Nothing” at:

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