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I Found it at the Movies Hits the West Coast

In Rolla, BC on September 20th, West Coast contributors (as well as contributors from across the country) of the breakthrough anthology I Found it at the Movies will be reading from their work. The reading will take place at Albert’s Loft, site of the Sweetwater 905 Music and Arts Festival. Starting at 7pm, the night will include performances by contributors Sharon McCartney, Mitch Parry, host Donna Kane and editor Ruth Roach Pierson.

Admission is free and refreshments will be served.

10247468_10152515092762018_9152210772655703199_n“We go to the movies in search of a certain practical poetry, the kind that enlarges our perspective of the world or simply entertains us. It’s often assumed that we are empty vessels into which the art flows. And yet Ruth Roach Pierson’s fine anthology of film poems, I Found It at the Movies, proves that the process magnificently works in both directions. The writers here emote eloquently about the movies, from Apocalypse Now to The Wizard of Oz, and all aspects of the cinematic form. There is passion in this poetry, projected at 24 frames per second upon the mind’s eye, and I urge you to engage with it.” –Peter Howell, Movie Critic, The Toronto Star

“Because the experience of movies is so widely shared and so deeply personal, the poems in this wonderful anthology – hilarious, poignant, thoughtful, shrewd and romantic – speak vitally and openly to all of us. And more than that: read as a collection, these poems confront us with the fact that movies are not merely an escape from reality but a powerfully influential feature of our world, a shared projection of dreams whereby, for better or worse, we shape our collective identity and the direction of our history.” –John Steffler, Parliamentary Poet Laureate (2006-2008), Griffin Prize shortlist

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