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Ellen Jaffe talks Poetry and Inspiration with Artwaves

Sunday Aug 17, Ellen Jaffe spoke with the Mohawk College Radio Station show “Artwaves,” hosted by Bernadette Rule. The two discussed Ellen Jaffe’s latest collection of poems, Skinny Dipping with the Muse, which was published by Guernica Editions this Spring.

The title poem of the collection,  Ellen confesses, was inspired by a workshop where they all did go skinny-dipping during the weekend. Ellen goes on to talk about the major themes in the collection, and about her poetry and writing process in general.

Skinny-Dipping MuseWhen asked how she came about writing poetry, Ellen says that “Unlike some people I know [that] really began later in life… I always wrote, even as a little child… And I wouldn’t say that I always knew I would be a writer, but it was something that I always did. And I would have copies of poems that I had written by hand and my mother typed up… I always enjoyed writing  and I enjoyed anything we had to write at school.”

The podcast covers everything from the link between art and mental illness, to what it was like having her work translated to Finnish, to a funny anecdote where Ellen Jaffe stopped her car along the side of the road so that she could write a poem, and then had to explain the situation to a concerned police officer.

Ellen Jaffe, who also works as contributing editor of the cross-border literary magazine, The Great Lakes Review, is the author of multiple books including Writing Your Way,  Water Children, Feast of Lights, and Syntymalauluja/Birth Songs, a selection of poems translated into Finnish.

To hear the full interview, you can visit Artwaves at:

Copies of Skinny-Dipping with the Muse are Available on the Guernica Editions website at:

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