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Not to be Missed: Vancouver Group Reading and Launch of Star-Studded Poetry Anthology I Found it at the Movies

Cafe Deaux SoleilsOn Wednesday evening, September 24, I Found it at the Movies will and can be found at the Cafe Deux Soleils in Vancouver. The evening will feature local contributors as they showcase their poetry from the collection that has already been garnering buzz across Canada and the United States.

Filmmaker Guy Maddin says that “If movies are dreams, then these poems about cinema are the dreams dreamt by the dreams – oneiric experience piled high, deliriously drizzled golden, twizzled sweetly and carried into the dark! Reading them I feel I’m peeling back an extra pair of eyelids. This collection takes you closer to films than you ever been before.”

And Peter Howell, movie critic for  The Toronto Star, says that “We go to the movies in search of a certain practical poetry, the kind that enlarges our perspective of the world or simply entertains us. It’s often assumed that we are empty vessels into which the art flows. And yet Ruth Roach Pierson’s fine anthology of film poems, I Found It at the Movies, proves that the process magnificently works in both directions. The writers here emote eloquently about the movies, from Apocalypse Now to The Wizard of Oz, and all aspects of the cinematic form. There is passion in this poetry, projected at 24 frames per second upon the mind’s eye, and I urge you to engage with it.”

10247468_10152515092762018_9152210772655703199_nFeaturing work by some of the most acclaimed poets writing in Canada today (and three from the USA), I Found It at the Movies includes poems inspired by the full range of cinematic history — from silent films to blockbusters, from neo-realism to cartoon, from Fred Astaire to vampires, and from all around the world. Entering this collection is an experience as beguiling as a trip to the movies itself. Among the poets included: Margaret Atwood, Don McKay, Michael Ondaatje, Steven Heighton, David W. McFadden, Karen Solie, Marilyn Bowering, Julie Bruck, Stephanie Bolster and Ken Babstock.



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