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Nine Day Wonder Interviews Bombay Wali Author Veena Gokhale

Pat Flewwelling, from the writing and review blog Nine Day Wonder, recently sat down with Guernica author Veena Gokhale to talk about her first book, Bombay Wali and Other Stories.

Flewwelling first met Gokhale at a literacy charity event in Montreal, where she heard Gokhale read from her short story collection. The reading left Flewwelling feeling “absolutely transported to the Subcontinent and [I] enjoyed every minute of it.”

In the interview that sprung from that first meeting, Flewweilling and Gokhale talk writing, character inspiration, and social change. And, as a nice treat to fans of her first book, Gokhale also gives a quick teaser about her upcoming novel Simply there to Help.

9781550716726_largeBombay Wali, which is now available as an ebook, includes twelve stories that provide startling glimpses of contemporary life in Bombay, and elsewhere. In it, we find a wealthy business woman compelled by the desire to hurt her best friend; an old woman in a Tokyo apartment seeking the touch of a baby’s hand; a woman reflecting on violence as a riot rages outside her home. Bombay Wali includes tales about friendship and repulsion, family ties and freedom; violence, public and private; ambition and uncertainty, alienation and acceptance, growing up and growing old.

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