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Lorne Elliot’s The Goat in the Tree Garnering More and More Reviews

Just a few weeks ago, The Gazette’s Ian McGillis wrote about The Goat in the Tree and the art of storytelling. Now, in the latest installment of the blog review from the Montreal Review of Books,writer and editor Gina Roitman writes that “Elliott has a gift for crafting a scene, gently drawing you into his landscape.”

The Goat in the Tree

Gina Roitman asks “Where do we draw the line between storytelling and lies? Can a good story veil (or protect) reality while revealing a larger truth? And what is the responsibility of the storyteller to his audience?”

Long-time storyteller Lorne Elliott, whose first book, Beach Reading, was shortlisted for a Quebec Writer’s Federation Award, is of course no stranger to storytelling. As a comedian, award-winning playwright, musician and the long-time host of CBC Radio’s Madly Off in All Directions, the subject of his latest book is one that he knows from years of his own experiences.

The book follows the story of Max, a vagabond tourist with the gift of the gab who weaves his own stories to travel through Morocco. Part fictional travelogue, love story, and tall tale, Lorne Elliott sends his narrator tip-toeing around the uncomfortable edge of things, out to where stories bloom, and brings them back for us to enjoy.

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