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Loddy-Dah Praised on Alberta at Noon

On the July 14th Monday show of Alberta at Noon, Donna McElligott talked with the mayor of Sylvan Lake about the need for a water ban for non-essential outdoor water use, the risks of heading the ball for younger soccer players, farmers getting their grain out despite full rail cars, and Sharon Bodnarchuk talks summer reading with listeners.

Sharon Bodnarchuk of Audrey’s Books, located in the historic MacLean Block in downtown Edmonton, talks about her picks for the summer. From the American Tolkien George R. R. Martin to Todd Babiak’s Come Barbarians, Sharon talks about her favourite books, which includes, among others, Guernica’s own Loddy-Dah. Sharon describes Dolly Dennis’ first book as “absolutely wonderful” and “an interesting look at that time in Montreal.”

Loddy-DahIn Loddy-Dah, we follow Loddy and the troupe from The Garage Theatre as their lives unfold against the backdrop of political events in Montreal starting with EXPO 67 and ending in 1970 with the October Crisis. With the city as background, Loddy-Dah explores issues of self-identity and self-acceptance, the magic of friendship and love, and the power of resilience in the face of adversity.

An ex-Montrealer, living in Edmonton since 1993, Dolly Dennis is a published author whose work has appeared on stage, in literary journals, newspapers, corporate newsletters, anthologies and the CBC. She has also been on the short-list for an Alberta literary award. This is her first novel.


To hear the full recording, go to (Sharon Bodnarchuk joins the show at 29:18 and Loddy-Dah is mentioned at 35:57)

To grab your copy of Loddy-Dah, you can visit the Guernica website at

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