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Joseph Maviglia talks Poetry, Criticism, and Rock and Roll with Open Book Toronto

Joseph Maviglia is a Toronto singer-songwriter, poet, and essayist whose work has appeared in journals and media across North America and Europe. This week, Karen Shenfeld sat down to interview him at the College Street haunt, Caffé Il Gatto Nero. In the interview, they talk about everything from the Beats to Frank Sinatra and, of course, Joseph Maviglia’s new book of personal essays, Critics Who Know Jack.

“I felt a need to address critics and their interpretations of cultural forms.” Miviglia tells Shenfeld, “I began writing the book one spring morning as I sipped a good long espresso and walked out to Kensington Market. Lines kept coming into my head and I knew they weren’t poetry or song. They were part of something different.”

Critics Who Know Jack: Urban Myths, Media and Rock & Roll is a collection of essays, memoirs and critiques on subjects ranging from TV programming, film and literature to rock journalism, with commentary on the interpretation of artistic expression across conventional and social media. From Feng-Shui to conspiracy theory, Maviglia debunks the rise of faddishness and new age trends that undervalue primary sources in music, literature, theatre, film, and urban living.

Joseph MavigliaJoseph Maviglia’s tribute poem jazz dharma was commissioned by CBC’s The Sunday Edition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Alan Ginsberg’s iconic poem Howl. His latest CD is Angel in the Rain, and his song Father, It’s Time appeared on the Juno Award-winning compilation The Gathering. His composition, Calabresella/Sooner or Later, is featured in the film The Resurrection of Tony Gitone. His poetry collection, A God Hangs Upside Down, was also published by Guernica in 1994.


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