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Loddy-Dah Praised for Excellent Energy and Colourful Cast of Characters in Grande Prairie’s Daily Herald Tribune

In the most recent publication of  Alexis Kienlen’s column, Off the Shelf, she praises fellow writer and friend Dolly Dennis on her first novel Loddy-Dah.

“I really enjoyed the energy of the book, the characters and the landscape created by Dennis,” Klienen writes, “The book was lively, and intriguing and I was involved in the story.”

This particular column had a different theme than her previous work in Off the Shelf. Klienen confesses that “I tend to think of this column more as a space where I get to talk about books I like, rather than a place just to give reviews and critiques of books. So this week, I’m going to do something different and talk about two books that I have some personal involvement with.”

In her column, she talks about the novel-writing process, and how she felt having read earlier versions of the manuscript for Loddy-Dah and then seeing that book on store shelves.

“When a manuscript that I’ve read gets a publishing deal, it’s almost as exciting as it is when I publish a book myself. The process takes a lot of work and is time consuming, but I learn a lot about writing as I do it, and I have the feeling of accomplishment that comes from helping someone else.”

Kienlen discusses the importance of early readers, who help an author work through their novel and get it to shine to its full potential. She also mentions how crucial it is for writers to have support during a process that is often filled with self doubt.

Loddy-Dah is the story of Loddy – a young, overweight womanLoddy-Dah – and the troupe from The Garage Theatre that she works with. It tells the story of a brash young woman with a troubling past, and how she grows and is influenced by the people in her life. Against the backdrop of political events in Montreal, starting with EXPO 67 and ending in 1970 with the October Crisis, Dolly and her theater troupe bumble along trough performances, relationships, and their own personal journeys.

Loddy-Dah is available on the Guernica Editions site at:

To read the full column, you can visit Grande Prairie’s Daily Herald Tribune at:


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