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Upcoming readings: Anthony Di Renzo

anthonyAnthony Di Renzo, a fugitive from advertising, teaches writing at Ithaca College and has published in such journals as Alimentum, Il Caffé, Essays & Fictions, Feile-Festa, The Normal School, River Styx, and Voices in Italian Americana. His latest book, Bitter Greens: Essays on Food, Politics, and Ethnicity from the Imperial Kitchen (State University of New York Press, 2010) received strong reviews. Descended from Spanish nobility who settled in Bagheria in the early 18th century, he lives near the West End, Ithaca, New York’s former Italian neighborhood, “an Old World man in a New Age town.” Trinàcria is his first published novel.

April 12 – Meet Your Local Authors Event at the Ithaca Barnes & Noble; 614 S Meadow St, Ithaca, NY

May 1 – Tune in to Out of Bounds, an arts and culture talk show broadcast on the local NPR affiliate

May 11 – The Buffalo Street Book Store; in DeWitt Mall, between Cayuga & Tioga Streets

trinacriaDrawing on history and family legend, Anthony Di Renzo presents a tale of progress and reaction, irony and paradox, in which the splendors of Caserta must yield to the wonders of the Crystal Palace. Both intimate and sweeping, Trinàcriaquestions the price of pride and the cost of prosperity and contrasts illusions of grandeur and dreams of happiness with the pitiless truth that kills all hope and desire. As readers will learn, this is the fatal spell of Sicily–an island of loss and change–where death alone is eternal.

You alone on earth are eternal, Death. All things return to you. You cradle our naked being. In you, we rest secure — not happy, no, but safe from ancient sorrow. But why should that concern you happy children of this modern age? That warning at the gate does not apply to you. So you think.

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