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Trinàcria: A Tale of Bourbon Sicily Reviewed in i-Italy

Journalist and critic Tom Verso has reviewed Anthony Di Renzo‘s Trinàcria: A Tale of Bourbon Sicily in i-Italy, a widely read online Italian-American magazine on both sides of the Atlantic. The article was published on January 30 in Tom Verso’s provocative blog South of Rome, West of Ellis Island. You can read the review here. 

Verso takes great pains to explain the novel’s cultural and political significance, and explains how the book meets the criteria of literary historical fiction and calls for its adaptation in college courses. Verso describes Anthony as “a Southern Italian cultural warrior” and compares him to Manzoni and Lampedusa, not to mention Amy Tan and includes him and the book with such mystery writers as Susan Russo Anderson and John Domini. 

Verso also comments on the vocabulary in Trinàcria, claiming to have read the book with a dictionary open on his lap, though he hastens to add that Di Renzo’s use of uncommon words is not to be construed as ‘flowery”. Verso writes: “the book in the hands of southern-Italian American readers will conjure that same sense of historic cultural roots“.

The review has also been reprinted in the journal Magna Grece

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