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Anthony Di Renzo’s Trinàcria Reviewed in Sicilia Parra

Sicilia Parra, the biannual newsletter of Arba Sicula, has published an enthusiastic review of Anthony Di Renzo’s Trinàcria: A Tale of Bourbon Sicily. The article (found on pages 14 and 15 of Volume XXV) was written by Gaetano Cipolla: President of Arba Sicula and the leading Sicilian scholar in North America.

Dr. Cipolla writes:

It is not often that we encounter fictional characters as fascinating as the ones created by Anthony Di Renzo in his Trinacria: A Tale of Bourbon Sicily, recently published by Guernica Editions. It is also not a common occurrence, at least for the present writer, to pick up a book and not want to put it down before reaching the end. Both happened in connection with this book. 

trinacariaIn TrinàcriaAnthony Di Renzo presents a tale of progress and reaction, irony and paradox, in which the splendors of Caserta must yield to the wonders of the Crystal Palace. Both intimate and sweeping, Trinàcria questions the price of pride and the cost of prosperity and contrasts illusions of grandeur and dreams of happiness with the pitiless truth that kills all hope and desire. As readers will learn, this is the fatal spell of Sicily–an island of loss and change–where death alone is eternal.


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