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Guernica Editions Celebrating 35 Years of Fine Literature Oct. 20th

Guernica Editions is turning 35, and we have a lot to celebrate! We want  you to join us and help to mark 35 years of great literature.

This Autumn marks the introduction of our new website, the Miroland imprint with work by Maria Mazziotti-Gillan and Sidney Zoltak, and books by Connie McParland (Linda Leith Publishing) and Michael Mirolla (Signature Editions). We want to sincerely thank you for your continued support, and hope to see you there!

 DATEOctober 20, 2013

TIME: 3:00 p.m.

LOCATIONSupermarket Toronto, 268 Augusta Ave., Toronto ON  


Books will be available care of Ben McNally Books, and light refreshments will be served.

Enjoy a special performance by Joseph Maviglia.

The event is open to the public.

MY SILENT PLEDGE by Sidney Zoltak
A child survivor, a child of survivors and a grandchild of a survivor, Sidney Zoltak is all these things. His story about a family that struggled and endured, the generosity of those who saved them against all odds, and a vow never to forget is a remarkable journey through the Holocaust into a rich and full life. At eight, Sidney loses a middle class home and goes from the slow death of the ghetto into the terror of hiding in forests, barns and finally, a hole in the ground provided by a Polish farm family. But when war ends, there is no going back. We follow the Zoltak family as they make their way to Italy where young Sidney encounters a generosity of spirit that helps to heal war’s wounds and prepares him for life in Canada. Sidney Zoltak’s chronicle is a lesson in the importance of honouring your story for the generations to come.WRITING POETRY TO SAVE YOUR LIFE by Maria Mazziotti-Gillan
Writing Poetry to Save Your Life combines Gillan’s personal story about her journey as a writer with her suggestions for writers at all stages of development. The voice in this book is the voice of a friend who sits with you in a warm kitchen sipping espresso or a cup of herbal tea, while offering support and encouragement. It is designed to help you find the stories you have to tell and the words to tell them. It is based on the belief that when you find the courage to explore your memories, you will find the source for evocative writing. Writing Poetry to Save Your Life is a book about the writing process rather than about the craft of writing. It can be used in classrooms, by writer’s groups, or by an individual while writing at home or in a coffee shop. This book will encourage you to write, and in the process, will give you confidence, help you overcome writer’s block, and silence the critical voice of the being Gillan calls “The Crow.” It will jumpstart your creativity, giving you permission to use the power of words to save your life.

THE GIRLS OF PIAZZA D’AMORE by Connie Guzzo-McParland
A quintessential Calabrian love story.The Girls of Piazza d’Amore traces the lives of three village girls and the forces that lead them to leave home for a new life across the ocean. Set in southern Italy in the 1950s, Connie Guzzo-McParland’s short novel walks us through the piazza and the narrow alleys of her own childhood, imaginatively recreating an entire world as seen through the eyes of a young girl who accompanies her friends on their evening passeggiate to the spring water fountain and carries their love notes to the boys they love. The joys of Calabrian village life are palpable, and so are its frustrations and heartbreaks, but this is a world on the cusp of irrevocable change, as family after family is leaving. And that’s what is most heartbreaking of all.

THE HOUSE ON 14TH AVENUE by Michael Mirolla
The House on 14th Avenue is about paired and shared lives, featuring two people whose connection sometimes seemed forced and uneven. That of master and slave. That of trembling and acceptance. Some of the poems detail each individually, a scraping together of momentary identities; others bring them together as they embark on journeys both physical and psychic. Journeys into the past through an underworld of ancestral ghosts and paths so well-trodden there is no possibility of creating new ones. Journeys in the present through detailed lists of the physical objects around them (with the mythic bleeding through on occasion leaving only stains behind). And journeys into a future where the realization of endings looms and where the two are left once more to cope each in his or her own way with that knowledge. In the midst of it all lurks the manipulator of words, phrases, images – the meta-text that tries so desperately to make sense of it all, that tries to bring order into what seems like simply a chaotic movement forward, and that wishes for…prays for…sacrifices for a dream state where a culmination of sorts exists, if only in the mind of the creator. In the end, it is left to the reader to decide whether the “two peasants” will be allowed to escape the gravitational pull that has weighed them down…to float away from the harsh realities that have defined them into the realm of words and infinite possibility.

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