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POET TO POET Reviewed on Ascent Aspirations by Bernice Lever

poet to poetPoet to Poet (Guernica 2012), edited by Julie Roorda and Elana Wolff, has been reviewed on Ascent Aspirations, by Bernice Lever.

Poet to Poet is a unique anthology that honours, and probes, this peculiar enchantment. Featuring work by Canadian poets written to, about, or in the manner of other poets, each poem is accompanied by a back story that provides a glimpse into the creative cauldron and the poetic communion of kindred spirits.

Bernice writes:

Poet to Poet is a book to flip to your favourite poets to read how others viewed them. It is a book to argue over in poet’s pubs or coffee bars as to the editor’s label – “conversation is ongoing.” Julie Roorda and Elana Wolff explain the birth and purpose this book clearly in their four page introduction.

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