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UNTYING THE APRON Reviewed in The Vancouver Sun

untyingtheapronUntying the Apron: Daughters Remember Mothers of the 1950s (Guernica 2013), edited by the talented Lorri Neilsen Glenn, is a collection of searing and startling poetry and prose that unties the stereotype and reveals women of the 1950s who were strong, wild, talented, wise, mad, creative, desperate, angry, courageous, bitter, tenacious, reckless and beautiful, sometimes all at once. The contributors to this startling collection include multi-award-winning poets, novelists, and essayists, as well as compelling new literary voices.

The collection has been reviewed in The Vancouver Sun, in an article titled: There are no June Cleavers in this anthology of poetry and prose remembering mothers

The Vancouver Sun writes:

Memories can be heavy when stuck yet when released through words, written and spoken, there is emancipation in honouring what was and what we can live with… Many of the contributors and their mothers didn’t find their lives reflected in the white, heterosexual, middle class lives portrayed in images of the ’50s… The daughters of the mothers described in this anthology of poetry and prose were raised with restrictions yet have had a chance to reach beyond them, to learn compassion for themselves and for the women who raised them.”

The article also outlines many of the stories told by the contributors of their mothers, and of the struggles and inspirations that the collection contains. For example, the essay written by Eve Joseph following her mother’s death. Italicized journal entries throughout the essay, primarily about her garden, were written by Joseph’s mother. While the journal excerpts have prompted Joseph’s memories, it’s as if her mother is responding to her daughter’s memory walk.

If you have not already picked up a copy, then don’t miss the opportunity this book offers for sharing recollections, challenges, and getting to know the women beyond the stereotype! You can order a copy directly from our site.

To read the whole review, click here.

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