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Louise McKinney Interviewed by Open Book Toronto about Writing THE WOMAN WHO DRANK HER OWN REFLECTION

womanwhodrankGuernica author Louise McKinney has been interviewed by Open Book Toronto about her new Guernica poetry collection, The Woman Who Drank Her Own Reflection, some of the old days and places that inspired some of her poetry, the role of nature, and a perfectly ordered, ideal day of writing.

Open Book Toronto celebrates and profiles Toronto’s nonstop literary scene, with a special focus on the books, authors and events coming out with Ontario’s independent, Canadian-owned publishers (so in short, they are awesome and you should bookmark them immediately!).

Louise McKinney is an author and journalist with a 25+ year career as writer and editor. She has been published widely in Canadian and U.S. journals. In 2004, she started teaching full-time and currently leads a variety of writing and literature classes at Georgia Perimeter College. In addition, she is the nonfiction editor of an internationally recognized literary journal that recently won the Governor’s Award in Georgia, The Chattahoochee Review.

The Woman Who Drank Her Own Reflection (Guernica 2013) represents the best of Louise’s poetry written from the early 1980s to now. More than depicting mere geographical adventuring, this work expresses Louise’s personal vision and emphasizes the importance of living out one’s potential. This emotional journey may include the necessity of leaving something, of passing through wild and dark places in the shadow self. It may also mean becoming a different person, or persons. Sometimes inner and outer landscape merge. Always there is the hope of arriving at a place of triumphant joy where real meaning is found and love of sovereign self resides. Frequently McKinney’s subject is the natural world and her deep reverence for it.

To read Louise’s thoughts on writing the collection, click here and read her interview!

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