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Veena Gokhale’s BOMBAY WALI AND OTHER STORIES Featured in the Toronto Star!

Fantastic news for Guernica author Veena Gokhale! The Toronto Star’s Sarah Murdoch has created a list of books featuring South Asian authors for the Toronto Star’s Book Section. The feature, entitled Arrivals: South Asian novelists in the spotlight, includes Veena’s book Bombay Wali and other stories (2013).


Veena started her career in the mercurial world of print journalism in Bombay, in the 1980s. She has published fiction and poetry in anthologies and literary journals. In 2011, she received a grant from Vivacité Montreal, Quebec Arts Council, to write her first novel. Bombay Wali is a collection of twelve stories that provide startling glimpses of contemporary life in Bombay, and elsewhere. The book includes stories about a wealthy business woman compelled by the desire to hurt her best friend; an old woman in a Tokyo apartment seeking the touch of a baby’s hand; a woman reflecting on violence as a riot rages outside her home. Tales about friendship and repulsion, family ties and freedom; violence, public and private; ambition and uncertainty, alienation and acceptance, growing up and growing old.

To read the spotlight on Veena and other South Asian authors Nikita Lalwani, Diana L. Eck, Indira Ganesan and Amit Chaudhuri, click here. Congratulations Veena!

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