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Michael Mirolla to Read at Argo Bookstore in Montreal July 21st

Michael Mirolla will be reading from The Giulio Metaphysics III (Leapfrog Press) in Montreal on July 21 at 6 pm at the Argo Bookstore, 1915 Ste Catherine W., along with Guernica’s Veena Gokhale, author of Bombay Wali and other stories (2013)

Michael is a Montreal-Toronto corridor writer; novelist, short story writer, poet, playwright, and co-publisher of Guernica Editions.

metaphysics_sales print_smallIn The Giulio Metaphysics III, a character named Giulio frees himself from his creator in order to write his own story, only to find himself lost and confused, unable at times to recall his own name. He wanders through landscapes both familiar and alien, struggling to return home. Each story creates a new character, and each character is named Giulio. This neither signifies nor denies any essential connection: each Giulio is unique, each is universal. Each Giulio is every-man and no-man.

Bombay Wali is a collection of twelve stories that provide startling glimpses of contemporary life in Bombay, and elsewhere. The book includes stories about a wealthy business woman compelled by the desire to hurt her best friend; an old woman in a Tokyo apartment seeking the touch of a baby’s hand; a woman reflecting on violence as a riot rages outside her home. Tales about friendship and repulsion, family ties and freedom; violence, public and private; ambition and uncertainty, alienation and acceptance, growing up and growing old.

The Argo Bookstore is always worth checking out, and Michael’s readings are not ones to miss! For more event details, click here.

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