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Erika Rummel DIRTY DOZEN with Open Book Toronto

erikarummelYou can count on the vibrant, eclectic Erika Rummel for some unique interview answers. Want to find out more about what makes Erika tick? Read her answers to Open Book Toronto here!

Erika Rummel grew up in Vienna and came to Canada in 1965. After obtaining her doctorate from the University of Toronto, she worked for the University of Toronto Press on a project to publish the works of the 16th century humanist, Desiderius Erasmus. Hired by the Department of History at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, she managed to put out a book a year, and was rewarded with a Full Professorship, SSHRC grants, and with fellowships in Germany and the US. She spent 1999/2000 in Los Angeles as a Getty Fellow and fell in love with the city, its museums, beaches and mountains. Her novel, Playing Naomi, published by Guernica in 2009 builds on that experience.

Her newest novel, Head Games (Guernica 2013), is a twist on the old story of a young woman, Lisa, running an obstacle course of deception in her quest for love. It’s a journey born of longing for love and the desperate need for something solid to hold on to. Set in Argentina in the 70s, where kidnapping and violent death no longer make headlines, Lisa learns a new set of survival skills.

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