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Veena Gokhale Interviewed in Prem United about BOMBAY WALI AND OTHER STORIES

Veena Gokhale has been interviewed in Prem United – a Cultural and Arts Organization that specializes in creating high quality Indian based content – about her newly launched book, Bombay Wali and other stories (Guernica 2013).

Veena tells Adhika from Prem United: “…the characters in Bombay Wali come from different language groups, age groups, professional backgrounds. So there is Dilip, a dalit (lower caste) student who comes to Bombay to study on a government scholarship, and Munni, a little servant girl. Feroza is a middle-aged Parsi woman, a university professor who is the primary caregiver for her aging parents. Ashok is a businessman who is very modern and put off because he feels that his young niece is too religious! This sort of diversity is typical of urban India and I have lived it.”

To read the full interview, click here. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Bombay Wali and visit!

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