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Anthony Di Renzo’s Upcoming TRINACRIA: A TALE OF BOURBON SICILY Garners Early Attention

Anthony Di Renzo‘s upcoming book with Guernica Editions, Trinacria: A Tale of Bourbon Sicily (Fall 2013), has garnered early attention in Magna Grece, an ethno-cultural journal for people of Southern-Italian descent.

Anthony Di Renzo, Associate Professor of Writing at Ithaca College, is a widely published essayist and fiction writer. A student of Italian American history, he chronicles a fading world—publicly recording depositions from immigrant ghosts. His work forms an open coroner’s inquest in which an entire community examines the overwhelming evidence of its own demise and asks if it was murder, suicide, or accidental death. This ghastly business is relieved only by the participants’, and Di Renzo’s sardonic humor.

The Magna Grece article focuses on the novel and Di Renzo’s connection to the Villabate-Alba Pastry Shop in Brooklyn, New York. Villabate, the New York Metropolitan area’s finest Sicilian bakery, is also the hometown of the Alaimo family, the author’s distant cousins and the owners of this Bensonhurst institution. Villabate is also the primary setting forTrinàcria: A Tale of Bourbon Sicily.Di Renzo’s collaboration with Villabate-Alba “honors Sicilian family, Sicilian history, and Sicilian craftsmanship”.


Drawing on history and family legend, Trinàcria depicts the destruction of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies during the Italian Revolution. Narrated by Zita Valanguerra Spinelli, the notorious Marchesa of Scalea, the novel presents a tale of progress and reaction, irony and paradox, in which the splendors of Caserta must yield to the wonders of the Crystal Palace. Both intimate and sweeping, Trinàcria questions the price of pride and the cost of prosperity and contrasts illusions of grandeur and dreams of happiness with the pitiless truth that kills all hope and desire. As readers will learn, this is the fatal spell of Sicily—an island of loss and change—where death alone is eternal.

Be sure to read the full article here, along with an interview featuring Anthony here. Also check out the title’s Indiegogo page, and get ready for the greatly anticipated launch of Trinàcria: A Tale of Bourbon Sicily!

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