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Max Layton Gives Interview on CIUT 89.5FM’s Howl

Max Layton has been interviewed by the amazing Nik Beat on the radio show Howl on CIUT 89.5FM about his new CD, 2 The Max, and his first collection of poetry, When The Rapture Comes (Guernica 2012). CIUT 89.5 FM is Toronto’s pre-eminent, listener-supported, presenter of leading-edge music and spoken-word programming since 1966. Firmly rooted in the University of Toronto community, they have listeners from Barrie to Buffalo and Kitchener to Cobourg.

Howl showcases mostly Canadian music groups and individuals, including spoken word, and Afro-Canadian, Native  Canadian, Spanisha and French Canadian, as well as works by the Dead Poets Society.

Max Layton is the singer-songwriter son of Irving Layton. Max has worked at jobs ranging from being a logger in BC to laying track in Saskatchewan to writing for a tabloid magazine in order to put himself through university. Later, he owned a bookstore, managed a subsidiary of McClelland & Stewart, and was the vice president of a bank before becoming a high school English teacher. He is the author of a novel and a book of short stories.

His first collection of poetry, When the Rapture Comes, takes the post apocalypse to new heights. According to Robert Priest, “Max Layton does a magical trick. He takes a small throwaway line but just as he lets it go he leaps on it and goes along for the ride, taking the reader with him as he weaves it into unique tapestries, no two alike”.

In the interview, Max beautifully discusses his views on the Rapture, religion, music, his father, and Canadian culture. To listen, click here. (Max’s interview starts at 34:00 min).

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