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David MacKinnon’s LEPER TANGO Launched as Part of Libris Venstra Bookstore’s Book Week

David MacKinnon, author of Guernica’s recent release Leper Tango (2012) has been invited by Libris Venstra bookstore to launch his novel as part of the Amsterdam Book Week festivities. MacKinnon is sharing equal billing with internationally renowned Dutch scribe, Kees van Kooten during an exciting week celebrating the vibrancy of the written word in and around Amsterdam.

MacKinnon’s down-at-heel tale of an ambulance-chasing lawyer and a Paris hooker with a death fixation has been described by New York’s Book Reporter as “absolutely hilarious” and “beautifully and craftily written”. Glamour Magazine describes MacKinnon as having “a talent for the absurd and a mastery of language reminiscent of Henry Miller”. CBC Montreal book reviewer Richard King says Leper Tango reveals “…a lively, wry and sarcastic sense of humour rarely seen in novels.”

Libris Venstra Bookstore is based in Amsterdam. Their book week, which prominently includes the launch of Leper Tango is on Saturday, March 23rd. The week surrounds the theme “Gouden tijden, zwarte bladzijden” which literally translates as “golden eras, black pages”; surrounding the idea of shadows on the glory of Dutch history, but will also fit the dark tale of Leper Tango against the backdrop of pre-September 11th affluence.

Congratulations to David for this great recognition!

Leper Tango features Franck Robinson, a forty-something chaser of skirts. He usually goes for the low-end sidewalk variety, and combs the streets of Paris in search of Sheba, whom he imagines to be the ultimate Parisian whore. Franck drifts from bordello to bar, and ultimately finds himself trapped by his own demons of alcohol and a fatal attraction.

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