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Review by Lucy Bertoli of Laura Marello’s TENANTS OF THE HOTEL BIRON

Lucy Bertoli’s review of Laura Marello’s TENANTS OF THE HOTEL BIRON, which was originally posted in the Historical Society Review, is now in four other places:  on, her blog, community indigo, and Good Reads, with a rating of 4.5.
It has also been chosen as an editor’s pick at Laughing Oyster Bookstore, with a second positive review.

Evelyn’s Picks:

The Tenants of the Hotel Biron
by Laura Marello
Between 1908 and 1918 the rooms of a decaying mansion – the Hotel
Biron in Paris (now home of the Musee Rodin) – were rented to artists
– to Rodin and painters, poets, sculptors, a composer,  a dancer and a
photographer – “decadents” and bohemians of their time.  Author Laura
Marello utilizes invented letters, diaries and notes to tell the stories of
the inhabitants – Rodin, Matisse, Picasso, Nijinsky, Rilke, Cocteau, Satie
and (most strikingly in my mind) Camille Claudel – collected and edited
by Eduard Steichen.  In his introduction Steichen writes “I hope they (the
collected manuscripts) will provide a window into the art world in Paris at
that time and into our lives together at the Hotel Biron”.

You will want to enjoy Marello’s insight into this rich collaborative
community with a stack of art books (or the internet) at hand.  Passion,
motivation, envy, theft, jealousy abound.  Scholarly research underpins
this compelling view of an exceptional group of artists  – this is a book to
be enjoyed repeatedly as the reader probes more deeply into the enduring
legacy of the characters who met at the Hotel Biron.

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