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Frank Canino News and Updates!

Frank Canino is pleased to announce the newest updates regarding his written and performed work!THEATRE NEWS

Once again, The Angelina Project goes forward as part of Texas’ state-wide high school competition. This time it will be done at Uvalde High School in Uvalde, Texas, directed by Nathan Prater who has staged The Angelina Project previously. Nathan is the second director to repeat a staging of the play at another school.

Scott Taylor of Flower Mound High School has also chosen The Angelina Project as an entry for the competition; this marks the 22nd production of The Angelina Project in the Texas high school circuit.

Most recently, Melody G. McDaniel of Coronado High School in Lubbock, Texas will stage Angelina, making this the 23rd production in Texas.

In addition, The Angelina Project will have its first production by a community theatre at the CATS Playhouse in Lubbock Texas in February, 2013 as part of a statewide festival.


Everybody is Sexy for Somebody, Billybuck & Jo-Jo, and Sara Plays Her Game, are going to be published on line by Art Age Senior Theatre Resource Center in Portland, Oregon early in 2013. These three short pieces were chosen from the 250 scripts submitted to ArtAge for their next catalog. Look them up in January or February at:

The Playwrights Guild of Canada has published The Tango Ladies Dance On, which I co-wrote with Yanira Contreras and Beatriz Pizano, in its online Stage Ready Scripts program. Check it out at:  Hit the “Purchase A Play” or “Look Up A Playwright” button, then fill in my name or the play title. This is a play about two Latina immigrants who have gone through triumphant assimilation — nostalgia — and then despair, like a beautiful tango … but a serene despair.

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