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Vivian Demuth Interview with CBC Radio about Helping After Hurricane Sandy

Vivian Demuth, an upcoming author with Guernica Editions, is not only a fabulous poet, but a generous and kind neighbour, as well. Demuth, who is currently living in Hoboken, New Jersey, speaks to her experience helping out in Hoboken after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Vivian has a history of helping out those in need, as she also extended efforts in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Of the recent tragedy, Vivian notes that: “One of the things that Hurricane Sandy has generated is renewed discussions around climate change and the need for green energy policies.”

Vivian is from Alberta, but lives in New Jersey during the fall and winter to concentrate on her writing. When asked if this experience has influenced her writing, Vivian responds: “Right now I’m feeling too distracted, I keep forgetting to turn on the light switch, despite having power.”

Listen to her interview here.

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