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Slovenian Celebrities Luka Novak and Vlado Kreslin Book Launch in Montreal!

On November 17th, Slovenian celebrities Luka Novak and Vlado Kreslin will be celebrating the launch of their newest works in Montreal!

Luka Novak is a Slovenian author, publisher, politician and TV personality. His first novel, The Golden Shower: Or, What Men Want is an intellectual farce, a surrealistic gallop through philosophy and art. With echoes of Thomas Pynchon and Woody Allen (with Hegel chanting in the background), we follow the ethical, erotic, and culinary adventures of a neurotic Slovene psychiatrist, a sassy Bosnian masseuse, a German mythology professor, and a politically-influential building contractor, involved in religious iconographic propaganda that incites a revolution in Venezuela.


Vlado Kreslin is a Slovenian musician, with a style that combines folk, rock and pop music; he is also a noted poet and actor. Instead of Whom Does The Flower Bloom is a poetry collection that evokes the lost world of a resilient people in a language that resonates in its plain-spokenness with the losses that all thoughtful people in a globalized economy confront. Don’t let the ostensibly un-ironic, even folksy language fool you–his poems slyly combine simplicity of means with complexity of effect, a combination only an artist of great sophistication can pull off.


This distinctive event will be sure to be a night to remember! Join on us November 17th (19h), at Mission Slovene 3470 Boul St. Joseph E, Montreal.

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