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Join Us For Guernica’s Fall 2012 Launch in Montreal!

We at Guernica Editions are very excited to be hosting a Fall 2012 Launch at the Atwater Library (1200 Avenue Atwater/4023 Tupper St. entrance) in Montreal this year!

Come join us to celebrate the launch of our dynamic and daring Fall books, many of which are already garnering much talk and favourable reviews! The esteemed authors and remarkable books include  Max Layton’s When The Rapture Comes, David Solway’s Habibi, Michael Carrino’s By Available Light, Mary Melfi’s Foreplay, followed by My Italian Wife, Vlado Kresslin’s Instead of Whom Does the Flower Bloom, and Luka Novak’s The Golden Shower.

All our welcome to join us for this delightful evening on November 18th, from 15h-17h.

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