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Maria Mazziotti Gillan Documentary Film Premiere Was a Smashing Success

“All That Lies Between Us,” the documentary film about the life and work of Maria Mazziotti Gillan, was screened to an enthusiastic crowd of nearly 125 people at the Theater at Passaic County Community College in Paterson, NJ on Saturday, October 6. Maria and the filmmakers Kevin Carey and Mark Hillringhouse were in attendance.

Maria (centre) and her brother, Dr. Alfred Gillan, with Filmmakers Kevin Carey (far left) and Mark Hillringhouse (back row). Photo by Anthony Buccino

According to a review from The Record, the documentary “used interviews, poetry, photography and music to narrate Gillan’s humble beginnings growing up in a Italian-American family in the 1940s and ’50s to her achievements as an award-winning author and poet.”

Maria’s poetry collection “All That Lies Between Us” has been awarded the Monteserrat Review’s Best Books of Spring (2009), as well as the American Book Award (2008). Additionally, Maria is the recipient of Barnes and Noble Writers for Writers Award (2011).

Maria’s vibrant canon of work with Guernica Editions includes the poetry collections What We Pass On: Collected Poems 1980-2009 (2010),  All That Lies Between Us (2009), Italian Women in Black Dresses (2002), Things That My Mother Told Me (1999), and Where I Come From: Selected and New Poems (1995).

During the premiere, Maria is quoted as explaining the inspiration for her writing comes from her body — specifically, her stomach:“There’s an old wise woman who lives in your belly who knows better than all the critics and all the theorists in the world about what you should be writing and the story that you have to tell.”

You can watch the live musical performance by R.G. Evans, “The Crows of Paterson.”

For more on the event, check out the full length article in The Record: Paterson County Community College Pays Tribute to Poet Maria Mazziotti Gillan.

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